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Kamerakino - Drahtseillady Elektra/Du bist mein Fall - Echokammer - Underground Record Label München

Kamerakino - Drahtseillady Elektra/Du bist mein Fall

This is the latest attack against popular-culture of the Munich-based cabaret commune. Indeed it is a remix and a variation of their gipsy-like folksong "Drahtseilakt", which still remains the original sin of KAMERAKINO, for its russian verse "the lady steps on the tightrope, as if she were a telegramm" was the reason why three crooks decided to work together as musicians and not only as criminals. The holy spirit gave them a bunch of immortal melodies for this turning-point so that it became clear to everybody, that their thing was not to form yet-another retro band, limited to one genre and performing for one scene, but to create a project that embraces musical diversity and a rather romantic view of grace, beauty and poetry. This happened during the first week of January 2000. At this time lots of people were already trying to come up with a punk remake band, but KAMERAKINO didn`t care about. They chose to develop something much more natural and diverse: by mixing their different cultural influences they get inspired by themselves, not just for music by the way. It came to be that everybody wanted to play with them, as they grew to be well known as a non-rock-band that used to include sounds of instruments like violins, trombones, accordeon, clarinet, banjo, horn and melodica and suddenly the band counts seven members by numbers. As despair as their orchestration are now their nationalities ? Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Scottish, German, Polish. Actually even Nick McCarthy of FRANZ FERDINAND formed member during two years. Before he moved back to Glasgow they recorded together their debut-album "Paradiso" (2003) which was highly acclaimed by the critics. The German lyrics ranged from absurd dadaistic minimalism to reflections about despair and anger in neo-liberal and imperialistic Europe. Then KK opened big shows as headliners for FF, but the indie-pop-audience were quite shocked and didn`t get them except a few connoisseurs, perverted intellectuals and lovers. And criminals of course. That seems to be the course of KAMERAKINO: The gap between poetry of the heart and prosa of the circumstances. But KAMERAKINO is moving forwards, actually they call their style SOULWAVE, but tomorrow never knows...