Dis*ka - America's The Bomb

One year after the attack on the usa, munich-based duo DISKA releases its second album "america's the bomb". Within this last year, the terror against the us was the main topic for discussions among DISKA-members albert pöschl and ralf summer. "we were asking us, why did nearly no-one ask WHY this happened to the usa, to the western world? What are the real reasons, why has our civilisation become such a target?" Fuck TurboCapitalism, Fuck Fundamentalism! Cut Your Mohawk, Agency-Punk!

Musically, DISKA has turned more edgy: while on their debut "hey disko" the main source was the silver-shaped C64-chip-pop ("the paradise-like experience-park for electronic pop-nerds"/Spex-magazine, 10/01), this time they moved towards disko-rock, electro-punk & midi-sippi-blues.