The Johnsons - Fuck The Johnsons

Raising from the ruins of the Munich-based strange-Pop-band The Merricks emerges the debut or Carl Osterhoelt, Hannes Polta and Salewski as THE JOHNSONS. As they are released from the bonds of all their former, current and future projects, the trio do their final psychedelic-electronica-disco thing. "Cosmic" (as a remix by fromer Dakar&Grinser Christian Kreuz) opens the door to the JOHNSONS-club (which still has to be invented, but why not start with a hymn). In the club we meet the mexican rapper of "Mexican Fist", lurch through "Amnesia No.2", become unbalanced with "Dubfuck", and can atch the whole club collide after one nicht, while listening to "Nomo Baguette". The vinyl version of THE JOHNSONS is over, but the tracks 9 to 14 show what happens, when you take THE JOHNSONS home (contrary to their own advice): proud and sometimes dangerous pieces of music, that would have been called "sound collages" in the past, and doesn't even shy at the best sampling of phone rings since Pink Floyd.

"Don't Take The Johnsons Back Home! Leave Them At The Party..."