The $ound of Mone¥ - Throw Money

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You had The Sound of Music.
You had The Sound of Silence.
Maybe you even had The Sound of One Hand Clapping.
It was all lies.

But now, at last, the truth comes out:
The Sound of Money.

The Sound of Money make this world a Warhol. Or, to be more precise, a War Hole: Of greed ("That's the Sound of Money"). Of seduction (Imagination's "Just an Illusion"). Of metaphysics ("The Secret Life of Things that Got Lost"). Of fear ("Don't Look Behind You"). Of loathing ("Throw Money"). Of self-disgust (The Stooges' "1969"). Of perfection ("Kill Yourself"). Of sollipsism ("Rubik Cube"). Of the United States of America ("Space Cowboy"). And thus, like a Warhol painting, their music is sexy, funny, easily accessible, and a yawning abyss of human downfall. It's a Disco of Degradation.

The Sound of Money grab this world by its shiny polished butt, and they spank it! Kiss it! Tickle it!
From Pop to Punk and back again.

The Sound of Money are Claudia Kaiser and Albert Poeschl, two veteran activists of Munich underground music. Claudia is singer/songwriter/guitarist of the girl band Die Moulinettes, with a big following in Germany but also, e.g., Italy and Japan. Albert has been involved in literally dozens of projects in genres ranging from dub reggae to C-64 punk to neo-glam disco to low-fi calypso pop, among his current going-ons being acts like "Queen of Japan", "Lion's Dub Shower", and "Diska".