Shinto - Keiren Remixes

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Shinto, electro avantgarde unit consisting of the Autrian God of Electro Hans Platzgumer and the Japanese pop dandy Cami Tokujiro, break the clichee of Japanese pop to be Easy Listening. Their first CD "liberal bullshit" (Disko B, Germany) set standards. "shonen a" (Intermedium Records, Germany), a radio play in collaboration with BR (Bavarian Radio), won the New York Music Festival Award 2002. Following a maxi (Playhouse, Germany), the new CD "kibou" is their first release in Japan on the cult label God Mountain.

Their "hit song" keiren was remixed by five different artists from the west (Dis*ka, E.Stonji, Koneko & Electronicat) and the east (Yoshihiro Sawasaki, Leopaldon) remixed and has been released in july 2003 (Echokammer).