Lion's Den 69 - Tricky Turf

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Prof. Albert Pöschl (LION'S DEN, QUEEN OF JAPAN) and Noe Knockout Noack (LION'S DEN, BAZOOKA Hi-Powa) were already celebrating Punky-Reggae-Parties 20 years ago, whenever and wherever they could. And they still do it,but differently. With different means and tools. Somewhere in between the Bass-Triangle Kingston-Detroit-London. Somewhere in between "Babylon's Burning", Mark Stewart & The Maffia, On-U-Sound, Cubase-Madness, The Bug and Mutant-Alien HiFi. And last but not least the Punk-Politicos Pöschl & Noack(who were and still are supporting political campaigns like "No Human Being Is Illegal" and Amnesty International Jamaica and SOS Jamaica-Activities) are continuing with their own, special kind of Dub Poetry. LION'S DEN 63's new Album "TRICKY TURF" is a Soundclash between Pöschl's and Noack's elastic Dubgrooves and Downbeats and their" Countryboys, who came to Town" Neurotica-Punk-Attitude. And during their production-sessions at the echokammer both are grabbing and taking every station and clubruling state of the art basssound and transferring and twisting it as long as it takes to create the typical raw & bouncing LION'S DEN Sound. Dancehall-Reggae-Sounds are clashing with Punk-Noise, Dub meets Post-UK-Garage-Beats and Old & New Shool Breakz, Acid House Keyboard-Sounds are going gaga, western guitars are raving and metal-hop goes Dub-Poetry. "Fucking it up respectfully" is their credo.