Queen of Japan - Foreign Politics

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"What the foreigners suggest will set your language out of sync." You'd think that after the success of the sex-citing cover cd "head-rush", (an album of full of electric-socket boogie-nights versions, which could be mistakingly described as electroclash, featuring classics of the horizontal pop music industry like marvin gaye, soft cell, kiss, duran duran, rod stewart and joan jett), the glitter-spangled threesome of Koneko (vocals), Jo Ashito (vocals, guitar) and Jason Arigato (bass) would carry on playing the high-voltage karaoke-sex-machine for a generation who grew up between 'saturday night fever & flashdance", "repo man & alien", "blade runner & Tron" and "miami vice & dallas"... But Queen of Japan are not just your run-of-the-mill cheeky-anarchistic electro-karaoke dandies, oh no! For underneath their golden crowns they keep firm hold of the motto "a mind is a terrible thing to waste", thus last year releasing the DIY bastard-pop-manifesto "kings, queens, wasps and lust" in the best situationist anarcho-cyber-punk tradition of fuck copyright - go copyleft/copywrong-bootleg.

"Foreign Politics" transfers the lyrics from "Kings, Queens, Wasps & Lust" to the first originally composed Queen of Japan album. A 'tour de force' in discology between 'fantasy and mystery', 'sweat and lust' (the birth of a queen), "latex suits and high-heeled patent boots", "dominance and overpowering roars" (bend down for me), "speed demons and drag race dreamers" (rush) as well as "belly trance and devil dance" (B-O-D-Y spells body).

Whatever you are ("night she-wolf, he-man in disguise), Queen of Japan have a space for your heart and probably even more for your wildest fantasies! Just as long as they're not too screwed up...

"So baby let me tell you, let's do it foreign now!" "What the foreigners suggest will set your language out of sync" Didi Mow (Saigon, Hanoi 2003/2004)