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Hey hey Musiclovers! You are surely sitting bored at your desks or lie on your couches and think: "I don't wanna read this text!" But you should. It's about Mosh Mosh and they are great and great is also their label Echokammer which is well known for it's exclusive and explosive electronic music.

Mosh Mosh are Isabel Reiss and Viola Thiele, who live in Zurich und Munich and they make elektronic music of which probably even themselves don't know how to describe it properly. You don't have to yell "eclecticism when they mix dub like beats with Grrl Vocals, but you wouldnt be so wrong either. On their untitled Debut EP are four tracks, which are sinister chansons with a bewildering charme and very fast driving songs. The music of Mosh Mosh is incredibly base heavy. It seduces the ear with sweet melodies and troubles the mind with texts, which are equally bizar and funny.

There is for example "Pony & I", the only love song of the EP that deals with the love to a pony. A lovesong, but not an unconditional one since: "Pony's speech doesn't make sense to me. Pony don't need to speak, you see!" Well, you have to listen to it I guess.

You also should listen to Mosh Mosh's cover version of the Guns'n'Rose classic "Welcome To The Jungle where Mosh Mosh expel the song's glam metal and replace it with morbid elegance.

After that follows the hunting beats of "Junkies in Bikinis" where both of the ladies boast in a ping pong style...harder, louder, faster...! After all the two artists are a "diva-like duo", at least that's what they like to call themeselevs. There is also is the mantara like "So Many Men" in which a repitatively recited main part clashes with a screamed chorus and which tells scarcely nice stuff about men.

The following quotation which we nicket from another bands press sheet also fits Mosh Mosh perfectly:"They are noisier, faster, girlier. And the two share a rare, rambunctious sense that noise is fun."