Dis*ka - We Only Have Music

After two albums ("Hey Dis*ko"/2000, "America's The Bomb"/2002) the munich-based electro-rock-duo returns with a new sound: Albert Pöschl (Queen Of Japan) and Ralf Summer (Multiboy) created a nearly-sample-free, third album - after inviting, recording and editing real musicians. Press Play and...

...welcome to dis*ka! the word & the act, the music & the message. what message? well, let's start with the brutal truth about your (dancing) shoes! "SNEAKERS MAKE ME DEPRESSIVE"! a perfect slogan for the desperate & dispersed ones. but how can your no logo-sneakers make you depressive? (can you say it like that? in proper genglish - you can), just by gazing at them? are sneakers the evil of the world? are boots better? good questions. surrounded by and embedded with sneaky beats & sleazy electronics, dis*ka also say "Trouble With The Product We Got It". what product? sneakers? no! you are the product! your sex, your gender, your whole way of life. so do the "Depressed Sneaker" (a new dance invented by dis*ka - look out for the video).

what comes after depression, my dear shoegazers? more depression with the product "body"! fuelled with a tiny sample from Electronicat & powered by high voltage electronic-boogie-shuffle (with a big help from urban farmboy guitars) "REDUCED TO MY DICK" deals directly with gendertroubles to reach forward beyond dick-tatorism.

a drumdriven disco handclapping sexbeat followed by a punkish dissonant guitar swallows you into "ELECTRONIC PARTNERS", a dusty dancefloor-tune about strange relations, "wired by sound". this aural orgy of stereo ping-pong beat connections with split drums to spin you round and hypnotake you out of your mind says it clear: it's more fun to be queer outside the chatroom!

next we have one hell of a sing-along-song ready to enlighten every laptop-campfire conspiracy around the world! "WE ONLY GOT MUSIC" is dis*kas very personal statement about their own internal affairs & that politics is one thing & music another.

but what would life be without music? just imagine being a machine who needs music like your car needs gas. like the mechanical au-pair fellow in "MIXTAPE FOR MY ROBOT" who nearly dies without "new music". this intercourse of asian made machine rhythms with bohemian slide guitars & flashing bleeps form plastic toy instruments says it loud - even machines need new music!

a genuine dis*ka-liscious rockabilly-shuffle with high pitched hayseed-guitars brings you back to the origins of the band. the agit-prop-disco-glamour-rama "GLAMOUR IS A COLD DRUG" takes a blank look deep into the desert of the real! "Welcome to the dark side of cool" where the underground is no longer velvet & became the bottomless pit for the casting showrooms of tomorrow! listen how untuned guitars that seems out of key reinvent the concept of sonic delinquency in order to get ready for revolution!

you think revolution is a word too big for a simple band! you're right! but dis*ka have brains! dialectic ones like in their 3/4 ballade "BIG BLACK RAINBOW OVER MY LIFE". a sad song in spacy, crystal-like blue minor with lotsa acoustic instruments, handbeaten drum-skins & a coldfrozen wah wah in search for the already lost Land of Oz. "We're sad, we're slow, and too lazy to protest/But we're too lazy for war as well"

now enter the delta of dis*ka where muddy slide guitars, a dirty fuzz-bass & genuine dis*katronic second line beats in 7/8 rule. the haunting "dirty dirty cheap chip disco"-hoodoo-spell of "BABYLONDON" re-evokes the sound of old 78 vinyl-shellacs & is a perfect example why dis*ka always say that the delta of the blues is also the origin of techno-trance. "some chords are bigger than others" & bodies are again constantly in doubt of their identities.

with a minimal choo-choo-train-like shuffle dis*ka start their longest journey! don't let them lure you with smooth e-pianos! "I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO WATCH TV" is nothing but a paranoid trip inside a tv-set! listen how dis*ka transform themselves into the new flesh & Devolutionary Dub Mindfuckers!

with the recall of acoustic instruments (or at least electronic ones that sound like made for the campfire) dis*ka finally close the record with a tripletic 6/8 blues. "MEDIA CÖNTROL" confronts you with a Glockenspiel-sound & with the "FAKE-to-face"-journalism of today where terror is the new entertainment: "mostly terror, partly cloudy skies"

now press repeat & question authorities!

DIS*KA - We Only Have Music (cd-version contains two videos: "Sneakers Make Me Depressive" and "Moroder Harcdore" - an edit version from the track from the second album "America's The Bomb", 2002)

DIS*KA - We Only Have Music (lp-version contains the limited 12" Sneakers Make Me Depressive + Reduced To My Dick + 2 unreleased Dis*ka Remixes for Queen Of Japan and Idiot International)