Suzie Trio - Streit um 3

One", according to the late Harry Nilsson, "is the loneliest number“. Well, he could only say that because he didn't know Suzie Trio at the time. Suzie Trio are, quite simply, Suzie Quatro minus one, that one being Mrs Quatro herself. So, in absence of the best she-mullet in history, Munich's would-be brothers Roque, Lique, and Poque Santa Cruz are trying to cover this lack by coming up with no less than 10 perfectly new pop styles, which are (in order of appearance): Poor Boy Pop Linguism, Falsetto Risqué, Deep Lambada Shlager, Spaghetti Synth Catharsis, Battle Rhyme Tristeza, Country Piss Wave, Metal Punk Bucolica, Sailor R'n'B de SQ, Brimful of Trio, Football Terrace Gospel. But still: Will all those wild inventions enable Suzie Trio to close that gaping hole at the centre of the group's foundation? Please make your own judgement - and bear in mind their very own self-description as "the band that has as many members as the Ramones haven't".