Max Krefeld - ABC

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"Two clichés are ridiculous, one hundred clichés are moving "(Umberto Eco)

That comes out thus, if one whirls a youth with Atarisounds divided in the ear, Werbejingles all places, Hörspielintros before falling asleep, 80's-year hits in the radio and Masterboy in the music television into their individual parts, in disorder and finally after belly feeling again together-tinkered. The internal pressure is so large sometime by all the inputs that a head through-brought such as max of Krefeld one night with Korg and computers and created on the next day a hand fully more again, roughly to 1 ½ minutes of long pieces of Punk, Pop, Elektroeklektizismus. "ABC", Max' debut album, meets only 26 these altogether nearly 200 pieces, which developed in this way in the last years. Which however is sufficient really perfectly.

With a certain musical Autismus and the wonderful ability gesegnet to use max of Krefeld nervous and calm, simple and vertrackte Songschnipsel create the own memory as Downloadshop and Sampler, which would do each Atarispiel in the honour, small Popperlen in the garb of a 80er-Elektro-Weirdos hervorgezaubert, but above all: by the dozen confused, funny, charming, kitschige and often disalignment piece-like plateful sound fragments.

All this is so closely graduated on "ABC" that even someone gets easily too much with extreme attention deficit syndrome. Every ten seconds a new idea, on average each minute a new TRACK, which stolpert hectically forward, dances to Kassatschock or Rumba, bent and an overturned Breakdancer in Bibi Blocksberg Fröhlichkeit or a Punkrockkid on Ecstasy place makes themselves. Perhaps "a warning reference belongs on ABC: Better only in small dosage hear. But perhaps ABC is also a true Wonne for Musiknerds, which can spend on the one hand years thereby, influences, to want - and on the other hand from Max' 26 letter Briefchen finally Playlists to arrange be able to hear inclinations and loans, the one word result in, LOVE for example. Probably however that is everything only one beginning, because max of Krefeld sucks far melodies and rhythms and BREAK into its head up and spends to our joy its nights further awake and floated to become all by the valve of the music gentleman. Last question: When will it stop? Answer: Never.

(Daniel Erk)