Queen of Japan - Tokio Risen

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Here comes her grand majesty the Queen of Japan with yet another release of heart (and-other-body-parts)-felt spongy yet edgey cover versions to make you come over all goo and dreamy sugar cakes.

Yet wait, these sound familiar! No wonder, as 'Tokyo Risen' is a re-release of their acclaimed debut album "Nightlife in Tokyo", long out of print but still in demand. The difference here is, this release also takes many rare remixes and cover versions under its charming wing, making a complete volume of the best loved and least heard QOJ tracks to make you dance with your partner in whichever position appropriate.

Tracks such as a dub squashed 'Mother' (originally John Lennon),which until now only appeared on a bound-for-obscurity mother's day compilation, now come home to join the loved-up repertoire Queen of Japan are famed for. A compilation, or rather a copulation of tracks you will cherish forever in a soft warm way.