Blacken The Black - Entrance To The Exit

Exit. Exito. Exitus - way out. Success. Death - on luminous boxes, spanish, clinical white. Exito - Success. "But this whole success-thing just took up", remembers Ad Reinhardt, "Black Mountain College students jumped ardently at the story of Paris being dead." Death in ether, the fifth season - "Cobra Killer" Annika Line Trost's lyrics may appear English but they're not; "Murdam" she breathes in persian, meaning "I am dying". Like "Pearl diver - take me higher", which could be an imploring chant to an online-shop named like that, it is a 13th century persian poetry indeed. "Ding Dong" translates german "Klingklang", a term which is internationally well known successful record-label: the peak of experimental electronic appropriations intruding into the world of pop. From the unreal to the realm.

Blacken The Black driving in their hearse over black tared mainstream to the funeral of pop. Aldo Tambellini's videotapes "Black Is", "Black Plus X", "Sun Black", "Black TV", dating between 1964 and 1966, the year The Monks' "Black Time" had been released, Otto Luening wrote his "Entrance and Exit Music" and George Brecht edited "Entrance-Exit", a shot from black to white screen. None are on the record, but under it below - so subcutaneous on it, and subtonal to be heard. From the unreal to the reel.

Overcovered traces on Frank Stella's, Ad Reinhardt's or Mark Rothko's canvas, black on black over and over again, mixtures of red and blue sometimes, hidden elements under this black layer, like palindrome where one layer covers the other, the canvas are renewed and the surface "murdered". These minimal pop-traces are not only generated and created by the trio forming Annika Line Trost, grown up in Eastern Berlin where spiritual escapism was the only way out. Saam Schlamminger with Persian roots and instruments born 1966 in Istanbul, and "Queen Of Japan" or "Diska" global player track layer Albert Pöschl - completed by the listener, who closes his eyes seeing black or nothing, "nada", a bull in Sanskrit, maybe Minotaurus reigning over the labyrinth of Knossos. One way system, the indoor is the outdoor, like in any building our life flows through. "Be careful with 'Death To Everyone'" says Albert. "Mind closing in a rattlesnake or any other beast - without fear."

En Trance.

Federico Sánchez (Kamerakino)