Die Moulinettes - Für eine Handvoll Moulinettes - 10 Jahre verstrickt

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"'And to die on the cross like that certainly made for some nice effect!' 'Yeah', said Jesus, 'but now let's ressurrect!'"(Nat Dixon)

Naturally we were delighted to learn that our first two Albums: 20 Blumen (1998) and alfa bravo charlie (2001) were permanently sold out in regular record shops. After all, like many others, we had come to see that virtually anything ostensibly new coming out of pop music today could easily be traced to historical precedents.

Once, "to be discovered" was the great pop dream. Today, in the age of MySpace and YouTube, being discovered is about as commonplace as hopping on a street car. Somehow everybody everywhere is discovering something new all the time. All channels are always open in all directions. Now to be re-discovered, there's something truly interesting. You only live the second time around, so to speak.

And so it came to pass that, in celebration of our tenth anniversary, and despite being in the middle of working on our fourth studio album (for the usual duration of three years) we decided to release our own re-issue. This album really calls for a sticker declaring: "From the TV and motion picture hit! From Claudia Kaisers bestseller Rocken und Hosen! Contains the very best of sell-out albums 20 Blumen (voted among the best 25 German language releases of the last 10 years by Musikexpress in 2003) and alfa bravo charlie (title of the international double LP and legendary Italian tour). Plus select rarities. Plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks. Plus the famous "Herr Rossi Sucht Das Glück" video directed by Rudi "Supercheese With Hair On Top" Schmidts! Plus extra liner notes and some great historical photos! (Yes, the mother of all stickers...) Guess this means now we're not only brave champions of Indie-pop but forgotten classics too.

Hooray, we're history!