Kamerakino - Heroes and Three Shorts

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These four tracks are conceived as an upside down motion picture screening. Which means that first comes the long duration feature by The Parasyte Womans' dark shivering "Heroes", appearing to our ears and eyes as a diamond dub, sprinkling ardent desire scored by Jason Arigato, famous director of "Queen Of Japan" and "Dis*ka". And afterwards follow the shorts on the flip-side of this 7" vinyl, assembling pieces by members of Kamerakino, who some might still know for their "Paradiso" album out on Gomma.

Two minutes where "We don't want to work" as The Lazy are featured in a remixed version by Relle Büst, who as well as The Parasyte Woman is used to play synths and keyboard with Kamerakino. The Lazy, a trio formed by KK's drummer Tom Wu, are said to be really lazy. What you would not expect if you listen to their debut "The Lazy In Red", recently released by the japanese label "Sausage".

Then Kamerakino present their own vision of two minutes in motion: the cuckoo-clock-like "Der langsame Gang der Shandys" repeating on and on "the city is our catwalk till the latest rage". The track might not be new for some connoiseurs, who yet had listened to Miss Le Bomb giving vocals on KK's last Echokammer output "Drahtseillady Elektra", but this is the first and only studio recording of that theme.

Also the last two minutes connect with that record, abstracting the "Elektra" motif in a concrete manner: KK's singer/former Piko B. and Echokammer-producer Al Bert P. used some subtle samples from distinctive Elektra Records of the sixties for their decadent "We Will Fall".

Soon there will be out also Al Bert P's album-work with Kamerakino: "Munich Me Mata" is to be released by Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson on his "NEW!" label. But this miniature stands for its own.