Dis*ka - Save Our Managers

Dis*ka's poppiest album so far - without giving up their old influences: Blues & Electronics. The songs became shorter and tighter while the lyrics tell more stories than before.

With their new material, Dis*ka again carry their own kind of 'dangerous half-mish-mash' to extremes. Swampy grooves infiltrate flaking disco-cellars, bastard-pop doing the boogie-shuffle, twisted acid-lines wind around delta-guitars. Dis*ka, finally having matured to a five-piece-combo (Didi Neidhart: electronic percussion, Enno Palucca: drums, Albert Pöschl: bass, Ralf Summer: vocals, Ivi Vukelic: guitar), again go wild with their mix between all genres. They tell the absurdities of modern life that seem to have become the normal case.

Well, not everyday there's a "Bavarian Farmer Kidnapping" and headlines like "Band Killed In An Accident" we also don't wanna read in the daily papers. Instead, there is a electronic song about electronic mail. "You're So Spam To Me" not only tells the story about the connections between electronic & emotional spam. The ironic "(There Was Nothing I Wanted To) Steal From The Museum" deals with so-called 'important' art-exhibitions and their audience of the same kind, culminating in a double disappointment. First: "There can't be a girl for every artist", second: none of the shown artworks would inspire an art robbery. Also with a tongue-in-cheek, comes the swan-song "Save Our Managers". With logic consequence, in the surprising karochi-ballad "I Will Sleep For You" Dis*ka portrays the capitalistic trick of survival of an uneven couple sharing sleep & work. While she is doing overtime till exhaustion (death through exhaustion is called 'karochi' in Japan), he is sleeping for her at home.