V. A. - Echokammer Werkschau

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There's always party at the Echokammer. People meet in different projects and often don't know on with record they will finally appear. So it's not really easy to find a label under which you can put Echokammer. The music is so full of different influences like the people who come to Echokammer. So just relax and enjoy this very special birthday party.

Listen to the unbelievable coverversions of the legendary Queen Of Japan, the upcoming cosmic sensation King Of Japan or spooky Jason Arigato feat. Parasyte Woman. Find out how the Sound Of Money will lure you into the discotheque. For you have to know - Echokammer is based in Munich and therefore disco life and night life are hot topics. Whether it's hallucinating Lee Marvin-Halluzination under the crystal ball (Les Dickinsons ), mixing up Mjunik with Miami (Discopatrol), putting together dancehall, reggae, ska and flamenco (Lion's Den Dubshower feat. Don Caramellow & DJ Lobstarr) or tell midnight stories like Dis*ka and Mosh Mosh.

But there is also a world outside of Munich bringing alien sounds into the Echokammer. Sounds that come from Japan (Shinto), France (Electronicat), Austria (Hans Platzgumer), the Middle East (Blacken The Black) or totally out of this world (Kamerakino).

Beside this real geography you will find an imaginary Wild West (Moulinettes) and dreamlike pacific beaches (Mulitboy) just around the corner.

At least you will hear acts beyond description. Weird explorers of their own very special visions. Like the krauty Johnsons, Atari addict Max Krefeld or Michael Heilrath with his electro pop project Blond. But that's not all! You still have to prepare your ears for the sonic weirdness of Salewski feat. Naomi, Fehlfunktionskontrolle and the only band on the whole planet that sounds like Thomas Bernhard on a bad day - the infamous Suzie Trio!

All in all a fine filled jukebox. Like the one you know from long gone days in your favorite bar. But don't think about things of the past - this party will rock you like they best mix up dj set you just can imagine.