Kamerakino - Munich Me Mata

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"Munich Me Mata", Kamerakino´s second album, has already been recorded back in 2007 by Albert Pöschl (Dis*ka, Queen Of Japan, King Of Japan) at Echokammer, at a time, when Kamerakino have been at a turning point after two members left the band during the recordings of the album, that nevertheless sounds very monolithic and unique anyway, melting the old-school and the new style of the band´s sound, that still knows no bounds and has its own special appeal. Besides the whole range of Kamerakino´s musical creativity (all members have solo-projects and other bands going on), Kamerakino team up with recording guests Murena, a long-year companion, and Peter Pichler (previously part of the hilarious No Goods), which all makes the record a diverting and entertaining experience to move feet and minds as well... The album has previously been released on a beautiful Picture-Disc-LP by the British label NEW! (founded by Pau Thomson, best known as the drummer of Franz Ferdinand) in 2008 and is now going to be released as a beautiful Digipak-CD featuring two bonus-tracks; "We Will Fall" and "Die Stadt Bleibt", both previously released on an exclusive Echo- kammer-7"-Single in 2008, "Kamerakino And The Lazy World Of Albert Brown". The album title "Munich Me Mata" (engl. "Munich kills me") is a quotation, that steams from the bonmot "Madrid Me Mata", refering to the Spanish Movida-scene in the early eighties, including artists like Pedro Almodovar and Ouka Lele (whose photography "Rappel-toi, Barbara" wound up on the cover of KK´s latest single and album-track "The Finger Of Love", by the way). "Munich Me Mata" shall express the dislike of conditions, but is ambigous enough to also express the state of "Munich kills me" with the meaning "Munich thrills me", regarding the life in a big city, that yet seems very small from a different angle. The artwork has been created by Igor Hofbauer, a creative Croatian comic painter (who already created a poster for a Kamerakino-show in Zagreb), whose pictures fit the album very well. In front of an exploding volcano you see an ancient city fall apart, which is inherited by apes. Kamerakino are still interested in the exchange of different musical styles and cultures; they have been invited to take part in a musical project to play with Yemenite musicians in Yemen, did music for a stage and a radio play that has been nominated for a prize in April 2009, visited the U.K. twice in 2008 and recently did a cold show at a vernissage in Antwerp, and, of course, there is more to come up in the near future...