Salewski - Salewski

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The essence of brain activity without purpose.

"Dictated by the thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason..." -wholly in the sense of surrealism.

Tone poems and sound narratives for synthesizer on black vinyl in a copper-coloured sleeve.

Down dark shafts, shiny rails leading into the deep, through high-ceilinged wallpapered halls, passing by dust covered control centers and hydroponics doused in pink neon light.

It smells of rubber, diesel oil and incense. A dusky, red-seated cinema full of wasp nests, an entrance to subterraneous landscapes opens up beyond the foyer. Blossoming chestnuts line the sandy airport runway, a rococo chapel sinks down beneath the glittering tropical surf.

Salewski, who on this record appears as both solo and as an electronic artist, was and is a drummer with the bands Merricks, Dakar & Grinser, The Johnsons and Koshka Valerianka Phantomband.