Hans Platzgumer - Swamp Thing

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Following the doomed soundscapes which comprise Hans Platzgumer’s final compact disc release, this years epic album ‘Soundtrack’, Hans reclaims the dance floor with the single ‘Swamp Thing’. Out in June on deep dark 12” Vinyl (as well as mp3, FLAC and Ogg downloads) these tunes define a new genre: Electro-Contaminated Dirty-Delta-Blues.

In its Swamp Noir laboratories this sleazy One-Man-Band combines hoarse vocals, wooden drums and muddy basses with the irresistibly spelled grooves of a man who sold his soul to a voodoo-preacher.

The B-Side digs into the marsh even deeper delivering illbient vertigo like a last shiny coin into a jukebox at the end of the road. Hans, or whoever it is here manifesting his Crazy Hunger for cold love, sounds like he’s devouring the heart that rejected him with a wah pedal embedded in his throat. A horribly beautiful release. We hope you enjoy!