Dis*ka - Life trough the V

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Everybody talks about some kinda crisis. So what are Dis*ka doing? They relax. After their prophetic "pop" record "Save Our Managers" (2007) Dis*ka more or less gathered together in several basements, played and jammed around and looked at "Life Through The V" (based on the famous "V-effect" by Berthold Brecht). But alienation is not the only theme on this record.

Dis*ka still like to mash up genres and sounds. Standing on solid grounds is not their aim. But passing through the genres and styles is. And "My Life Through The V2 gives you all this (and more): Typical Dis*ka electro shuffles, swampy blues riffs, fake funk, dub bass licks, kraut hypnosis, digi-beats with munich motoric appeal and freak outs of their own kind. Some of this stuff you will find all together in one song. Sometimes luring you just to follow the wrong track.

Surrounded by delighted sounds from an old accordeon (played by drumer Enno Palucca) and some kinda beatnik-bongos (contributed by Carl Carl Oesterhelt of F.S.K. fame) Dis*ka start with the nearly acoustic ballad "Snowbow" and tells you what happens to rainbows in the midst of a snowstorm. Also far away from any sunshine we get a tiny glimpse of Dis*ka's private rooms with "Zombies In Love". Created during some funny sessions in different basements all over bavaria. A dancetune for those who cannot die and allways come back.

More nocturnal affairs offers "Munich After Midnight". Once again Dis*ka tell the story of their love hate relationship with the capitol of bavaria. Where at night you only have "caps and cops". But there is still the music! Music you can mix an rearrange like wild. Dis*ka cal this "mulit genre pieces of music". A fine example of this unique technique comes with "Numbers Are My Friends". Basically a song about the british savant Daniel Timmet and his fascinating realtionship towards numerary and language the song rolls along as electro shuffle (produced with an Korg MS20) meeting a blues guitar and a dub bass. File under: The Autist as artist (or vice versa).

Balancing a filled glas on once head would also be called artistic. On one of their monthy DJ nights in munich's Pimpernel Dis*ka witnessed an afro-german lady dancing with a "Glass On Her Head". Try it yourself and you will have to clean up the floor. Dis*ka turn this into their first drinking song with a dull beat and tricky woven guitar riffs.

Inner city paranoia raised by fast food is the curious theme of the dirty fuzzed up blues stomper "Burgers On My Back" and it's "dessert" called "Followed By Food". A piercing freak out with a screaming slide guitar calling directly from the imaginary delta of the Isar.

To cool down a little bit Dis*ka give you the some kinda krautish ballade "The Years The Trees Refused To Green". Inspired by freaky weather conditions and the famous Daft Punk slogan ""Weather Harder Stronger Faster".

More Dis*ka in kraut land comes with "Life Through The V". Originally a tune made for the ABC-Festival 2007 in Augsburg in honor of Berthold Brecht, it's basically the mixed and mashed up result of different sessions. Loops running backwards, the sounds are filtered drastically and alienation rules the tune. Only the sound of a sweet glockenspiel is some kinda pure.

More alientation (and camouflage) you will get with the mysteriously called song "AD-AF-AK". Did you ever question yourself what these letters mean when seen on licence plates of "german" cars? Well, just listen to this song and it's marching snare drum.

Finally the live appeal of the record is again revealed in "Wind On The Bridge". Like in the "old days" Dis*ka jammed around and out came this "hippie kraut dub track" (Dis*ka in their own words) with it's marvelous detuned Stylophon sounds and a sudden punk erruption.