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Infant Munich Hits Rock Bottom is the quintessential collection of the current Munich rooted, alternative musicians. A mean collection.

The enigmatic icon/shield of the city, bearing the black and yellow hooded infant monk, embodies the is the symbol of these eternal children of the Bavarian capital: Sometimes exploring like a tribute to Georgio Moroder Sometimes bold like the days of Munich disco; hosting Freddy Mercury’s party nights of the 80’s. Sometimes as cold as post-punk Germany. Beton. Beton. Sometimes grotesque like a Wagnerian Exodus.

We do what we can, and we do what we must.

Munich me mata (Munich kills me) is what we tell each other but it’s from this edge of death that the best music is made. At the bottom of the pot. Not scraping the bottom of the barrel but licking up and spitting out the brew that’s left. B12 from Munich. This is the basis of the cultural deeds of these Munich martyrs. As Freddy Mercury already knew and used and abused, Munich has a dark and beautiful side when the sun goes down. Surrounded by enough beauty, the Munich infant will sometimes have had enough of beauty. This Record is more beautiful than enough in it’s most obscure places. All these songs are exclusively unreleased. All songs will be on albums released later on this year by all the involved bands and musicians.

„Infant Munich Hits Rock Bottom“ was compiled by Piko Be produced by Nick McCarthy, Albert Poeschl & Tagar. The record will be released by a Label-Jointventure of Echokammer, YRUSMTSIM and Riko’s Yodelin’ Records. „Infant Munich Hits Rock Bottom“ is not a compilation in the traditional sense, it’s an album in it’s own right with newly produced and exclusively unreleased songs. All songs will be on albums released later on this year by all the involved bands and musicians.

The format is a double (hard copy) - every one of the sides has a different temperature. And let me add a little something (Nick McCarthy):

Dragged through the clockwork of the conservatory of music, pushed shoved and squashed, hating more than loving the beauties of my careless environment in Bavaria, I was driven away and found myself sitting on a plastic bag on the new but ancient shores of this more grey than green isle, dreaming of these beauties that often seemed vulgar to me in their richness. In light of this lovely album I realize I was not alone with my feelings and my poetic self is re-enlightened. Between revolutionary, anti-authoritarian and punk and anti-punk I hear these mixed feelings. And so the Munich Infant is always in conflict, crawling through the bog but spitting out the feast. Yeah.