Multiboy - Dance like no one´s looking

From nearly too big feelings for barely too small songs

Multiboy invites you on an unfashionable quest for perfect pop moments. Multiboy is more likely to find these in moments of candles lighting up the night and Torch-Songs during after-hour tells of nearly too big feelings for barely too small songs. But that is what it is all about in the world of pop - finding a small song to express big feelings with.

But Multiboy do not see themselves as mere seedy crooners somewhere between the heavy art of Easy-Listening and engaging Blue-Eyed Soul, they are also aware of the fact that actual easy listening can in itself be psychedelic. Sometimes just a little emotional instability and a guitar with a slight fuzz effect (or a beatnik flute) is enough to tilt the retro perspective.

There is always something that is not quite right. The hand might be able to hold the glass without shaking, but the well-groomed suit has seen better days. Not out of stubbornness but out of love. Like one-man bands who are able to transport a listener from a tourist trap to a better place for the duration of only one song.

Multiboy make the best of the melancholy hovering above them and gleefully look back in the musical rearview mirror. But gullible they are not, because that which is seemingly not available anymore was maybe never there and if it is then only in the form of a song.

So, unpack the wide screen and visit fake paradises along imagined 1970s jet-set geographies. Of course, sometimes you might end up in mediterranean Spaghetti-Western film sets glorifying sweet procrastination, hanging around, mastering a saunter and looking forward to the next Fata Morgana.

And if the opening song on the record - "Best Guy" - with its pacific lightness and floating Doo-Wop-Exotica, does not immediately warm the heart, then that certain someone is beyond help.

Discography: Black Leather 12“ (Rmx von Erobique/Phonique, Superpunk) + Video Maratonga 7“ (Plattendruck 002) inkl Rmx v Tobi Neumann/Christos Davidopoulos + Video
Multiboy currently live in Tokyo, Munich, Newcastle und Nuremberg.


001 Best guy
002 Black Leather
003 Maratonga
004 The Rain
005 El Bacharachi
006 Forever Be
007 Snowball
008 Someone Always Dies
009 Gentle On My Mind
010 Feelings
011 Soft Sodium
012 Awake
013 Funny