Parasyte Woman - Homeless Information

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This is dream music, this is music for the depths of the dark night. PARASYTE WOMAN are three - a woman, a man, a creature in between. A hypnotically weaving coiling scaling voice beats its way through spooky synthies, hard honky-tonkesque guitars and driving drums and synthic beats. This record has many faces, layers overlap to create a killer syncretism of R´n´B and Vaudeville, Trip Hop and Opera, Witch House and Boogie, Dub and Pop. The wondrous lyrics telling surreal tales of girls in pyjamas and plants that dance, tumble off her tongue in a voice as refined as that of the great Grace Jones. A spectacular cover of Jimi Hendrix´s "Voodoo Child" drives this vixen voice to heart wrenching heights and proves to be amongst one of the many nuggets off this eclectic album. PARASYTE WOMAN have words that tickle ans sounds that squeeze and tease you into a deep restless dreamy sleep that you will only want more of, if you dare. Manuela Ryztki also of Salewski, Kamerakino Tobias Laemmert also know as Protein (Gomma) come together to be PARASYTE WOMAN! And this is their debut album HOMELESS INFORMATION


1. homeless information 2. private motocross 3. no more cows (my rifle, my pony and me) 4. voodoo child 5. girls in pyjamas and plants that dance 6. jungle night 7. nightmare no1 8. hubbles drift 9. twilight 19191 (paris 1919) 10. doop the group