King of Japan - Mass in heavy minor

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After their debut release, the "chamber disoo musical" "Future Of Mankind" (Echokammer 2008) the Munich based band King Of Japan (Wenzl Van Boehmen, Giovanni Rei Tirolesi, Prinz Albert von Bayern, Kurfürst Wu) is back with a new masterpiece called "Mass in Heavy Minor" - a "musical prayer" to blow your minds! Now, their mission is "Riding to the church of rock/where the guitars go to pray". And therfore KOJ sound like new born! No more depressions or melancholy moods in the modern world! The pain is over - the salvation is near! Just listen how KOJ re-write Easter ("Reborn To Be Wild") or dig deep into elegiac mysteries ("Agnus Dei") and messianic epics ("The Prophet"). But there are also songs for the whole community to sing with ("Kyrie Eleison, Funky Eleison!") and some practical counseling for the sinners who need redemption ("An Alcoholic's Anonymous Prayer"). As you may suggest - this is the return of christian rock in full elysian effect! An esctatic confession of faith ("Credo", "Gloria") and truth ("Satan Can't Boogie"). KOJ do their best to let instrument like bass wait-pipe, steam synthesizer, mechanic lute, galvanised virginals, electron viola da gamba, big (and small) drum and ambrosial voices burn like the grace of God. The result is a tender ironic hommage to some of the most famous wrong tracks of modern pop culture - mystic and religious hardrock, heavy metal und progressiva music in general. A brave sacral statment of faith and believe in opposition to the profanities of modern secular pop music. Like KOJ say: "We’re rocking for the saviour to come". Peace Friede Shanti Amen Dipl. Ing. Fred Heitzer (Minister of Information/King Of Japan)