Jason Arigato - Sad & Slow Songs

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This is JASON ARIGATO with his debut album SAD & SLOW SONGS.

JASON ARIGATO (Queen of Japan Bassplayer) is a charming glitter-based singer who is partial to heartbreaking bitter-sweet love songs. Melodies that tip from country to glam in a sweeping smooth moment and a voice as sweet as a T-Rex nightingale on a moonlit night.

The needle hits the record and the room dims to a dark red and yellow; a blue moon shines through the tinted windows casting deep shadows onto the soft furniture . The carpeted floor reeks of tobacco and sweet perfumed sweat. A buzz goes through the room as a tall handsome glittering sequined ghost with smouldering heavy black eyes steps onto center-stage. He pans the room slowly from left to right, then his red red glistening lips part to break every single heart and all we can do is say 'goodbye' now…  It is a voice that licks and sucks on your pumping heart; spitting you out from time to time and licking you up again when you are down sinking to the ground, crawling around on the floor, your knees caked with glitter dust begging for more, hanging and tearing at the sequin clothes which tower up above looking down on you. It's sex, it's diamonds in the dust, fuzz guitars, country stars with a 'big black rainbow' over our lives. Those eyes seem to say: what a pathetic example of a human being you are... He might kick you with his pointy shoes and your loosened teeth will sink into that velvet red stinking damp carpet... When you search for them between the knots your soft hips will continue to rock from side to side, I swear. And when you look up again he will probably be gone and you will have to wait, for once in a blue moon he might come again and maybe someday somewhere somebody will place a crystal studded tiara on that badly sitting black bob wig and pronounce JASON ARIGATO as the Queen of Sad. There is no doubt about it, these are timeless classics to warm and whip your broken heart. 

So kids, Get it Here and Get it Now: The debut album of JASON ARIGATO: Sad & Slow Songs. (by Anna McCarthy)