Das Weiße Pferd - Inland Empire

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Das Weiße Pferd (The White Horse) are an eight-piece band emerging out of Munich, the idyllic, baroque sleepy capital of Bavaria. By focusing on poetry and popular topics, "Inland Empire"is a poetical piece of work, dealing with escapism, superstition and existentialism. The lyrics of former Kamerakino singer Federico Sánchez this time areboth in german and in spanish, and given the sound aesthetics by Albert Pöschl, former member of bands like Queen Of Japan or Blacken The Black,along with guest appearances by Hans Platzgumer (HP Zinker), Saam Schlamminger (The Notwist), Wolfi Schlick (Express Brass Band, Poets Of Rhythm), Relle Büst (Parasyte Woman) and Martin Lickleder (Suzie Trio/Moulinettes), and along with the artwork by Anna McCarthy "Inland Empire" connects with its predecessor "San Fernando".