Murena Murena - Ghoaster Coaster

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MURENA MURENA »Ghoaster Coaster« (LP inc. free CD)

Snap up and stumble into the sea, compass spinning up, down and all around; hit bedrock, fishing in the sarcophagus of civilisation. Horrorsoul! Heard of it ? »Oh holy superior, gracious, heroic, victorious servant...!« You couldn't have guessed that one, right ? The album opens with a gravestone inscription from the 'Old Peter' – the oldest parish church in Munich. »Oh dear God, it's a cross« says Bavarian comic Gerhard Polt in his satirical sing-song critique: «I go home when I've had enough«. But this is old and rusty stuff in comparison to the unexpected, radiant ride that awaits you on the Murena Murena sexrock skelter. Murena Murena know that home is no more. The place you could have gone to when you'd had enough. The storm is here, the wild waters jump. Murena Murena are Robinson Crusoe 2.0. They won't stay on any one island for long, throwing themselves into the incoming tide, always on the lookout for land. Brittle bits break away and the new is built on sand. »Ghoaster Coaster« in the Canadian amusement park »Wonderland« recently had its name changed – poor Scooby was left a-gasping on the tracks. Murena Murena are rock 'n' rollers. They open up their electric flesh to us, whilst we, the listeners, repeatedly stab our way into and unto that primitive world – our world. Excuse me, is that my blood stuck to your hands ? Does that irritate you ? It shouldn't. You grew up with blood! Murena Murena drag their ghostship over the hill, through the rivers and into the forest. We will build our own rock 'n' roll, right through the heart of darkness ! The other side of the hill promises subtle laughs: »Strung Out« quotes an absurdist speech caught on endless loop – the drug-ridden Elvis. Do the same here as you do with murder ballads – listen loud. Music to drown out to.

»Though our teeth are missing, our smile looks great tonight. Though our hair is missing, we still have our hearts. But there's no bridge. There's no ladder. And there's no hole in the net. And there's no crack in the wall. I would love you.

MURENA MURENA: »Ghoaster Coaster« Tracklist:

1. Ehren und Preisen (2:44) 2. Happy Anton (2:50) 1. 3. Tribal Girl (2:33) 2. 4. Girl Ghost (1:25) 3. 5. Party Pussy (Boccia Pop) (3:58) 4. 6. Good Friend (4:31) 5. 7. Nervous Teen (1:32) 6. 8. Boring Games (4:27) 7. 9. Girls in the Street (3:09) 8. 10. Brume... (2:41) 9. 11. ...And Daze (4:41) 10. 12. Strung Out (2:45) 11. Daniel Murena – Vocals, Guitar Joe Masi – Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Vocals ('Party Pussy') Tagar -– Guitar, Drums ('Strung Out') Albert Pöschl – Bass, Vocals ('Good Friend') Erol Dizdar – Drums, Percussion, Vocals ('Good Friend') Video ('Girl Ghost'): Tobias Yves Zintel, starring Carlotta Rohn Vocals ('Tribal Girl'): Christine Tanqueray, Anna McCarthy, Sandra Juds, Aylin Neuhofer Vocals ('Girls in the Street'): Manu Rzytki Additional Mix ('Happy Anton'): Pico Be Produced by Joe Masi and Daniel Murena. Recorded by Joe Masi at Eternal Peace Studio. Mastering: Stefan Räuchle Layout/design: Daniel Murena and Tagar All rights reserved. For Giulietta and Maria. RELEASES: Echokammer / EK 067 / LP inkl. CD Termin: 01. Februar 2014 LINKS: Label: Murena Murena: Kontakt: 'Girl Ghost' - Video: