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Tom Wu is a singing drummer, whose music is dark, hypnotic and psychedelic. His physical, merciless drumming provides a direct contrast to his other-wordly, pleeing voice, which always seems to be mourning something. His songs abide to a strict dogma of minimalism; consisting in most cases of a heavy, staggering synthesizer bass-melody, laced with lo-fi soundscapes and flute arrangements. The rest is rhythm and voice. The music sounds modern, but also likes to reference 1960's orchestral experiments.

The collagelike lyrics deal with loneliness and perversion, sex and no sex, abysms and absurdities. Tom Wu's live show is a spectacle of stunning video projections (Florian Decker) and intimidating sensual dancers (Spandex, Peitschenfrau, Relle Büst).

The album will appear in March 2014. All 9 songs were recorded and filmed live in an abandoned warehouse.
Every song will be released in combination with a video on Youtube throughout 2014.

"Is Munich the new New York ? The sunkissed, spoilt, golden capital of Bavaria has given birth to a Tom Wu who creates dark and menacing songs, as if Munich were the big city moloch of the new millenium. His heavy reverbal voice tells outsider stories of loneliness and sexual lust and so it makes perfect sense that he, amongst other things, pays tribute to The Velvet Underground, who once explored the darker corners of New York." (Hardy Funk, Skug)