Das weiße Pferd - Münchner Freiheit

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»Can Münchner Freiheit be the cornerstone of a new era of intelligent, unpredictable and transcendent folk music, please? Can we make sure the wild 'White Horse' will be elevated to mythological creature one day? I stated on my first hearing of Münchner Freiheit that I may need two thousand listens to properly understand this album. Many, many new discoveries and “replays” later, I rest my case: I might listen to it for a century and still find out new little layers of beauty in it. This is what Das Weiße Pferd does best : produce iridescent gems that morph, twist and surprise you, depending on the lighting.

Yes, San Fernando and Inland Empire – the band's debut and second album – are complete jewels that shine in a hundred colours, and I only begin to feel intimate with them after whole months of revisiting them. But Münchner Freiheit… is denser than a diamond. The only way I can describe it, for now, is that it’s as if a storyline that is so action-packed would become tridimensional and pierces through the skin of reality. This storyline, here, like any millennial tales, is now yours to tell. What is the Münchner Freiheit for you?«

(Émilie Gendron, Móntreal)

Das Weiße Pferd ('The White Horse') are an eight-piece band emerging out of Munich, the idyllic, sleepy capital of Bavaria. The lyrics of former Kamerakino singer Federico Sánchez alias Pico Be and the sound aesthetics by Albert Pöschl, former member of Queen Of Japan, along with a guest appearance by Hans Platzgumer (HP Zinker), and along with the seminal artwork by Anna McCarthy, link to the group's playings, crafting this album to the standout record it is.