Dizzy Errol - What comes next?

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Dizzy Errol’s 2nd album, released on vinyl only, was quite a piece of work. It was recorded over a stretch of 3 eventful years and in 2 studios, so a lot of changes had to be dealt with in order to arrive at a consistent product. It was an interesting process, though, guided by the main effort to chisel out the specific qualities that had already made themselves felt on Dizzy Errol’s 1st lp „Motherlamp“. This album is an intensive rollercoaster through different moods and ways of expression, yet firmly rooted in the British songwriting tradition and personal life experience. Weird references abound, from post-punk to folk to deep psychedelic atmospheres and atonal experiments. The result is wry, idiosyncratic, and definitely unique, as it was made and produced by someone whose indifference towards any such thing as „current affairs“ can cheerfully called pathological. Yet in his stories about the inner and outer going-ons, you can hear his longing for contact.