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4SHADES – „4SHADES“ There used to be the „3 Shades of Blues“ with at least four members (the Acher brothers [The No Twist], among others) – now they have evolved to the “4 Shades”, a band of three. You see in what key they like their sense of humour: Low. And the same goes for their self-titled debut album: Opening with a charming yet deceivingly brittle quasi-postrock instrumental, Ivi Vukelic (Club 2), Albert Pöschl (echokammer), and Martin Rühle (Domhans) merge their sparse guitar/bass/drums sound into a string of exquisitely tender rattle&twang songs which are essentially, yes, pop. Just look at their choice of song titles, so blissfully understated in their execution and yet so clear in their point of reference: “Down and Out” (Bessie Smith), “That’s How Strong My Love Is” (Otis Redding), “Nothing Like the Sun” (no, not Sting: Shakespeare!), not to mention “Vampire’s Kiss” or “Honkeytonk” ... Sure, the source here is the blues, yet the performance is strictly “bundle not bluster”! And you do have to let those sexy Over-40 tomboy voices ensnare you with lines like “I feel a bit a like a bum” or “I wish heard voices / I wish I was a telephone”. After listening to the “4 Shades”, you will easily give up on youth envy. Age is beautiful!