Murena Murena - Shame Over

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Doesn't everyone keep a little skeleton in the closet? SHAME OVER! An overly endearing corpse, a broken dream machine, a forevermore howling engine, a blazing future? SHAME OVER! Daniel Murena evokes them all, proclaims them like Mister Coco Bello on the shores of your childhood, now considered to be stuck in the blackest night. Like the knife grinder, who whistles and hollers through windy alleys. Like a southern-italian bard of murder ballads who calls to mind for whom the blade was vendibly grounded. Like the voice, which echoes through "Last Year at Marienbad", and raises a mausoleum for the deceased culture society. Or like a way too loud usher in a cinema, that solely screens Pasolini and Fellini just to relegate la Dolce Vita to the uneasiest seats. SHAME OVER!

This voice is supported by a handful of picked rock'n'roll musicians from Munich, Italy's northernmost borough: Albert Pöschl, Tagar and Dizzy Errol - all of them well known from their intra-group work at Das Weiße Pferd, Kamerakino, Queen Of Japan or Friends Of Gas - act like the Crazy Horse, stoically following Daniel Murena's devastations and apocalypses; well, given that the Crazy Horse had ever been Alan Vega's band. Whereas the listener is steadily dubious about what's up next - SHAME OVER! As on Murena Murena's previous album „Ghoaster Coaster“ like a ride into the unknown through the Tunnel of Horror, - just doubled down on the bet. This record is a ring of fire. And much less morbid as you now might have guessed. SHAME OVER!

The pivotal tracks „Lovely Homes“ and „Peace“ meet contemporary issues in a poetic manner. Praise those, who are in a quest or on the run. Where is home, Mama? It's in songs, that put a roof over your head!

Along the way, we listen to „Dancing Naked“ in the guise of reggae: Comicstrip Rock! „Le Van's Wife“ - an incredibly real case of necrophilia: Horror Soul! „Drag Race“ - James Dean's very last interview before his crash: Pop Noir!

Echokammer studio's dub techniques, recordings by Tom Wu (Das Weiße Pferd, Hidden Cameras) and the voices of Anna McCarthy (Damenkapelle), Manu Rzytki (Parasyte Woman, G. Rag & die Landlergschwister) and Anna Pü with Bruch broaden the field. Gabi Prinzip Services from Schamoni Musik and the Munich based labels Gutfeeling Records & Echokammer support this first release of German/Austrian amity via Vienna-based label Totally Wired Records. The boisterous vehemence in the work of Serbian-born painter Boban Andjelkovic illustrates this music's special spin perfectly well. The bold humor, the tender strife. SHAME OVER is rock'n'roll, that sounds as if The Libertines had been produced by Joe Strummer instead of Mick Jones. Better? Worse? SHAME OVER!

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