P.Fuchs/Zoro Babel - Il sogno del giardiniere

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...It was worth the three month's effort after all, especially since Paul Fuchs constructed a sound installation for the Grand Opening, and offered to the unexpectedly large crowd of surprised onlookers/listeners an amusing and temperamental performance. He extracted great sounds from his by now reasonably well known Ballastsaiten instruments. But he even surprised those familiar with his oeuvres by toying with electro-mechanical gadgets. To suspended metal sheets of steel and bronze he attached electric motors, which, being turned on and off from a lovingly wired control console, put the sheets into noisy vibrations by means of eccentric flywheels.   Fuchs played his horn (or whatever one wants to call his homemade tuba imitation) with powerful breath, accompanied by and rhythmically tuned to the crescendo and decrescendo of the Autobahn traffic coming from the bridge going right over the garden-show park. And for the finale, Fuchs went down on his knees and dropped two heavy steel balls, more likely to be found at the shot-put contest at the Olympics, with a powerful bang onto a steel plate. Kloing!!! The Audience loved it...