Suzie Trio - Non c’e due senza tre

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Jim Ford was a genius R&B musician, playboy model, Sly Stone’s best friend, and a true wizard of nonsuccess – in other words, a perfect soul mate to Munich’s sloppiest strugglers Suzie Trio (possibly the only band who even managed to mis-spell its own name – which was supposed to be a double hommage to German minimalist masters Trio and to Suzi Quatro). But back to Jim Ford. Despite all that soul mate business with Suzie Trio, there are some disagreements. Like that song he wrote: “It Takes Two (To Make One)” – typical American “You-Can-Make-It-If-You-Try” bullshit. In Suzie Trio’s estimation, it’s exactly the other way round, and the Italians in their popey-dopey wisdom knew it all along: “There is no two without three”. The damage is always already done – and so is this record (their third one, of course.) And speaking of records, what about that other Jim Ford saying: “Happy songs sell records, sad songs sell beer”? Well, fair enough, but he failed to add that crucial third part (which, please check again above, no two can do without): “Suzie Trio songs sell nothing.” For they don’t need to.