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The other side of Postrock. All is different. No piled up dissonances, no playing with increasing and decreasing intensity and tonal force. And on top of that: no replacability and all off the beaten path. The absence of inner strife set to music makes one feeling seized and touched and urged to shout out loud into the silence: Thank God, THIS is postrock!

By other means.The acoustic guitar duo Zwinkelman investigates the vocals-free world of alternative progressive sounds. Kinda related to old fellows from of the American Primitive Guitar, Chicago School and the unconventional sound experiments of the chamber music like free folk. Nothing could be further to all these redundant electric guitar crescendi, floating the echo chambers of the familiar and well established Indie-Postrock.

Multi-instrumentalist Josip Pavlov, who – on other occasions electronically amplified with loops and samples, in his solo project Ippio Payo and his congenial duet partner Dominik Lutter from the idiosyncratic free-spirited experimental folk project Domhans, don't need much for their joint project Zwinkelman: two open tuned acoustic guitars, a few chairs and a little room for interaction. Chamber-Postrock, which when performed live on selected occasions – typically without amplification on small stages – creates this magic and hypnotic effect. Just listen attentively, it will be rewarded. Zwinkelman's music is clearly structured flow, but not overly intellectual, an organic, steady and calm river. A warm summer rain clearing a stickiness on a way too warm summer day. A flow that occasionally changes the number of bars, the polyrhythmic touch or the interlocking of the melodic string plucking of the two Musicians. Deep immersion in meditative jewels, although contemplative trance-like introversion not lacking tension and surprising elements. For instance demonstrated with discreet, percussive electronic (??) addition as a ticking of the clock in the "Zeitgeberblues" or in the spontaneously erratic, disharmonious treatment of the guitars in the final number "Bieg ab".

After the single "Hallo Lullu/GoldWert" from the summer of 2017 the first Full-length album by Zwinkelman, simply self titled, from January 2020 on again at the Munich underground label Echokammer.