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In spring 2020, due to the corona crisis, a collective of different actors from Giesing formed to work on a concept for an open-air stage at the Grünspitz in Giesing. Within a very short time, the stretch festival "Giesing is a Feeling" was set up, which offered local bands in particular a very charming DIY stage over 14 Fridays between July and October. The spin-off "Freezing in Giesing" would now have started for the winter, but due to the lockdown light it could unfortunately not take place. With a new Hau-Ruck action, the collective (consisting of Echokammer, Trikont, Real München e.V. and Wir in Giesing e.V.) has now compiled an exclusive benefit music sampler, which compensates a part of the loss of earnings for the musicians and their technicians. The CD contains tracks of bands that played at "Giesing is a Feeling" in summer or were already planned for "Freezing in Giesing". All tracks appear exclusively for the first time on this CD and are not yet available on the common streaming platforms. The result is a varied but nevertheless homogeneous playlist, which represents the zeitgeist of the Munich underground in the year 2020 in many facets.

1. The Grexits - Nicht einmal eine Minute 2. Ippio Payo - Rückgebäude 3. G.Rag / Zelig Implosion / Deluxxe - Wer darf was 4. Angela Aux - Hidden Track 5. Keglmaier - Essen mit Freunden 6. Bavashoro - Gato e Canario 7. Unterbiberger Hofmusik - Shouft el Damar 8. Chinga Ling Twins - Ling Dub 9. Inga - Come Along 10. Sound of Money - Let’s Eat the Weed (Remix) 11. Suzie Trio - 1000 Rollen Klopapier 12. Jason Arigato - Waves of death 13. Philip Bradatsch - Tausend tote Pfeile 14. Lucile and the Rakibuam - Soda Balik (live)