pcn/da pöschl - pcn/da pöschl

Coincidences are not equal to coincidences, and because Kurt Schwitters already knew that when a door slams shut, this can be a thoroughly active, i.e. consciously induced, course of events for the door in question, there are often more forces at work in aesthetic (in the present case) musical coincidences than even those involved may realize. But even with aleatoric-random dice rolls, the old rule of dice poker applies: not all rolls count.

All the nicer that now with the split LP/CD of "da pöschl & the ghosts" and "pcn" (alias Christian Nothaft) not only the extremely sympathetic split format is reactivated, but also the two acts (or sides in the case of the vinyl version) are different from each other, but not without "the other" (as a weird/creepy "own").

Because both "da pöschl & the ghosts" (which in the digital transfer becomes "da pöschl - half ghosts" as if by magic) and "pcn" are passionate tinkerers in the matter of mischievous mixing together". In short: music like mobiles, always balancing themselves, but without ever wanting to reach a balance (of whatever).

Whereby "pcn" with such great titles like "Mighbouth (Lowknedge)" already presents a certain kind of crackling-wound junkyard-electronics, but on closer listening it turns out to be more electronics for the world than junkyard. The other "pcn" tracks also trigger an imaginary found footage cinema in the head.

Things are similarly "cinematic" with "da pöschl & the (half) ghosts". "Don_t Stop The Music" flirts with Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", but gets lost in a gray milky glass landscape, where "No Night Touch" turns dodgy pirouettes in the traffic circle.

On the other hand, tracks like "Beneathe The Surface" and "Absynth" remind us of John Carpenter's nocturnal "Der Kommissar" scenes.

And how coincidences play like that: This is at the moment exactly the music of the time as it is, but also a music for and from a (still) different time. That may sound like a lot on the shoulders, but "da pösch & the (half) ghosts" and "pcn" easily master that.

by Didi Neidhart