Freezing in Giesing - Freezing in Giesing Vol II

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Freezing in Giesing vol.2 was created, similar to the first Freezing in Giesing compilation from the winter of 2020, by making a virtue out of necessity: Freezing In Giesing should have been the title of the pandemic-compliant winter open air at the Giesinger Grünspitz for the second time, with winter market and alternative open air cultural program, but fate and the pandemic decided otherwise. Again. So Freezing In Giesing vol.2 follows the success of the first compilation and delivers 18 good reasons for staying at home, for the again so urgently needed contact reduction and takes the listeners on a little tour through the multifaceted Ois Giasing program of the last two years, compiled by the Giesing labels Trikont & Echokammer and Real München e.V. The proceeds of the sale go again to the participating artists, that is a matter of honor.

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