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IPPIO PAYO " Deus Ex Machina" The sky is everywhere. The back building has no roof, so the starry sky can be seen in the back building, which is only dimly lit, even at night. The starry sky can be seen almost everywhere. Everywhere where people are, when they look into the sky and the glaring light of the urban cities does not seem to make everything invisible. This starry sky unites all people who are on the run from war zones to a livable world with those who simply look into the starry sky dreaming. They see the same thing. The starry sky covers them and comforts them with greater spirit. The sky sees everything and does not judge. The music of Ippio Payo is created by Josip Pavlov, a multi-instrumentalist living in Munich, who has been gifting the city with diverse sounds for a long time with numerous albums and projects, leaving an unmistakable mark on bands like Majmoon, Das weiße Pferd, NaQ, or just Ippio Payo. Recorded in Zagreb in the studio that has the same name as the title of the album. Deus ex Machina is an expression from Latin and literally means: God from the machine. What is meant is an unexpectedly appearing helper, a surprising circumstance through which a previously unsolvable problem suddenly becomes solvable. Even the solution of the problem itself can be called Deus Ex Machina. In general, a lot of music is offered. Most of the time, music that is very fixed on the outside world is presented. Very rarely there is something fixed on the inner world, silent. The music of Josip Pavlov is silent. But this silence is deceptive. A tension arises. A play between micro and macrocosm, of vastness and narrowness. A music that demands patience with a persistence and thereby convinces. Absolutely necessary training for listeners in a time in which they are conditioned to the shortest possible receptivity. This music rests in itself, does not want to present and advertise, does not scream loudly, or does it? The scream happens in a very subtle way and above all differently than largely used to. A cry from deep within, a longing for security, awareness and justice. Music that tells largely without lyrics. Who is looking for entertainment, will find here rather an offer for self-reflection. Familiar 4/4 time is rarely found here. Close your eyes, take your time and listen to stories that are very close within us and yet very far away. Stories that are also happening right around us. Remember Adria tells us about refugees who were looking for another life after the 2nd World War. Maybe it is also the story of today. The starry sky is always there. YHTB " you have to be" is an encouraging call to self-acceptance. It is important that you are there, you should not give up on yourself. The album finally ends with the offer to dream of another world, a more beautiful world. A lullaby for little children, deep in the womb. Security and starry skies. It is very difficult to create something beautiful without becoming kitschy. The rare thing is that Josip Pavlov has succeeded in doing just that. The album is presented and offered by ECHOKAMMER (Albert Pöschl), the Munich label that has so many interesting and yet unnoticed albums to offer. Erol Dizdar