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Multi-instrumentalist Erol Dizdar, who has been in the Munich subculture and art scene for a whopping 30 years, has transformed himself many times. From a haze of bands like Kamerakino, Murena Murena, Dizzy Errol ( pseudonym of his former identity) and as a current drummer with the noise-krautrock band Friends of Gas, he has come up with the name "Die Lore" (his first name pronounced backwards) for his music, which he creates solo. So far, albums from "Die Lore" have been released exclusively on Bandcamp and as audiotapes. With his 7th album, that is about to change. The albums became increasingly thematic and could be called concept albums. The 7th concept vinyl album (45 minutes), which pays homage to water, describes the current state of our oceans and depicts the connection between prosperity and destruction largely without pointing fingers, is called "OCEAN". Only observations will be described, which seem to be completely sufficient to grasp a lot. This is done in a subtle way. The A side consists of 6 shorter pieces, which span an arc from friendly pop music to experimental to easy listening jazz, which is garnished, however, with just these socially critical texts of that observation.
The B side is a nearly 20 minute epic, a journey through the depths of the seas. The overture, the main theme emerges, disappears in rhythmic fairway and gets lost in the depths of the sea, reappears and turns into gloomy techno. A musical description of the state of our oceans. The music here is somewhat reminiscent of the progressive rock of the early 70s, but breaks with contemporary, contrary. The approach here is rather D.I.Y., as the existing circumstances are dealt with, without effort, ostentation and pomp. Therefore, stylistically, the whole thing could be called lo-fi prog. An extremely risky experiment, as trends are completely ignored here. As always. The album will be released on the Munich label "Echokammer" by Albert Pöschl, who has long had a preference for the more experimental, interesting bands in Munich (Salewski, H, Das weiße Pferd). The release concert will take place on 08.10.2022 at the Munich Kammerspiele in the Werkraum. Live there will be a unique concert. Erol Dizdar will play guitar and sing. He will be accompanied by highly qualified individual musicians from the Munich jazz-progrock-kraut band "Karaba", who have already performed with "Damo Suzuki" the singer of the Cologne cult-krautrock legend "Can" and have also been working together with the Munich cult-legend "Embryo" for years. With Jakob Thun on drums, Andi Kainz on keyboards/organ/synthesizer and their friend Simon Ackermann on bass. Dive in and travel to the depths of the seas! Great head cinema.

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