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Tom Wu (1996-2023)

Legendary musician Tom Wu from Munich was found dead last night, his label Echokammer confirmed today. Known as the singing drummer, Tom Wu leaves a deep wound in the avant-garde art and music scene of Munich.

In line with the late artist’s style, who regularly caused surprises with his unconventional concerts, the Echokammer label announced that a new Tom Wu album entitled "Tom Wu Is Dead" will be released as early as today. The ten previously unreleased works were all found on the drummer's hard drives, mixed and reworked overnight at a remarkable speed by Benedikt Wiessmeier (Schlachthofbronx). They are available on vinyl and via download, as of today.

"This album will make Tom Wu and his music immortal," says the Echokammer label. "He was one of the most dazzling figures of the Munich underground scene. His concerts were legendary! They were spectacles full of energy, intoxication and ecstasy!"

Apart from Tom Wu himself, "Tom Wu is Dead'' features Anna McCarthy, Paulina Nolte, Manu Rzytki, Pico Be, Gringo and Anton Kaun, some of his companions, for whose band projects he also drummed (Kamerakino, Parasyte Woman, The White Horse and What Are People For?) Additionally, he has toured with Hans Platzgumer and The Hidden Cameras.

Much of the album is strikingly dark and morbid ("C'mon DIE!", "He's Lost"), including an adaptation of David Bowie's final death requiem "Blackstar", whose lyrics ("at the center of it all, your eyes") recall Wu's piercing blue eyes. The drummer’s trademark, regularly captivating the audience. The eyes are the gateway to the soul - in various interviews, Tom Wu has denied an autobiographical reference in his songs. However, he seems to show us insights into his dark inner life after all.

Tom Wu, who according to close friends and colleagues, has struggled with severe depression and drug addiction in the past. He was 27 years old. Xoxo paulina