Ippio Payo - Talking Birds

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Ippio Payo's music matures until it emerges its way into the light of day all by itself. Like a chick that, as soon as the time is right, after days and weeks of maturing in the egg, pecks its way through the fragile shell into the light under its own steam and timidly unfolds for the first time what will one day help it to soar. Some ideas then become swallows, which make the summer for people who listen carefully, and others become condors, whose mighty wings sound like the mountain ranges of the Andes. Ippio Payo's music feels its way forward, like fledglings taking flight: sometimes it flicks hooks like a hummingbird, sometimes it sails majestically like an albatross. The songs cross every border - migratory birds that fly over the Himalayas and navigate biotopes over thousands of kilometers with pinpoint accuracy - and find their listeners in Croatia, Spain, France, Australia. They populate every habitat - from the proverbial desert island to the harsh metropolis, from the Arctic to mythology: Eagle, Sparrow, Phoenix, Griffin, Roc, Peng, Garuda. Birds are considered to be messengers between humans and the spiritual world – in some bars you can hear that too. Otherwise, Ippio Payo, like the bird, stands for freedom itself: because Ippio Payo are always just themselves at every moment. The music is free - let it fly.

„Birds were like dinosaurs' better selves. They had short lives and long summers. We all should be so lucky as to leave behind such heirs.“ (Jonathan Franzen, „The Discomfort Zone: A Personal History”, 2010)